Our goal is to satisfy customer expectations while continuously improving standards for quality and we will strive to do so at a competitive price. We recognize that our future is directly linked to our ability to define those customer expectations and our goal is to meet or exceed those expectations 100% of the time.

We approach this task with a "Make it Happen" attitude. Our management and staff fully understand the dedication and hard work it takes to accomplish this task.

The team at ADFO takes great pride in being able to respond to customers in minimal time, whether the task is providing a quote, shipping a product or assisting a customer. We have maintained excellent customer relationships by providing unsurpassed services.

This everyday challenge is the basis for which our company is operated. We have assembled an experienced, knowledgeable, and diligent group of employees that comprehend the importance of "On Time Service". We look forward to the next opportunity to "Make it Happen" for you.